Accepting the Inevitable: I’m Stuck

station - aogu fujihashi, unsplash

You could say I’ve dropped the ball for this blog. I have been completely focused on Books & Bottles that I haven’t given Postmark’d a second thought (except for the few theme changes I played around with but ultimately decided against). The original premise of this blog was for travel stories and poetry, but I haven’t been feeling the writing inspiration. In fact, the post I keep meaning to finish has been in the works for three (+?) months! I’m finally facing the facts:

I have serious writers block.

Luckily it doesn’t seem to extend to my book reviewing so I’m not failing at two blogs. Yet.

I figured that seeing as I haven’t been able to write any poetry, I could at least share some poetry with you.. and let you know I haven’t lost hope here (just trying to figure out where everything fits). This has been my favourite poem since High School and I suspect it will remain close to my heart for many more years.

What did you think of Shake the Dust?
Do you have a favourite poem? If so, what is it?